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A Book by Its Cover
「A Book by Its Cover」(キュレーター: Patryk Mogilnicki)は、現代ポーランドのブックカバーデザインを鑑賞するもので、著名なデザイナーおよび彼らの代表的なプロジェクトに焦点を当てている。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

It's better not to judge the content of books by their covers - and yet they evoke vivid emotions in readers: from delight to disgust, from curiosity to reluctance. Patryk Mogilnicki, illustrator, designer and literature lover, gathered in the book a select group of people who create books. It presents the most important designers and talks about particularly famous and successful projects.


A book by its cover. About contemporary Polish book cover design.

Published by Karakter

Author and Design: Patryk Mogilnicki