Polish Graphic Design
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ABC of Polish design
「ABC of Polish design」では、ポーランドデザインの過去1000年の業績が現代ポーランドのイラストレーションを通して紹介されている。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

100 years of Polish design, 100 projects, 100 extraordinary stories, 100 illustrations. In the book, the past connects with the present, showing the achievements of Polish design through the achievements of contemporary Polish graphics. 100 works of Polish designers are interpreted by 25 Polish illustrators. Among the presented projects, in addition to furniture, glass and porcelain, i.e. items commonly associated with design, there were less obvious things: letter fonts, logos, children's toys, a locomotive, a neon sign, a glider, a scooter, and even the most delicious Polish treat, Ptasie Mleczko and a rubber wheel. Ringo – a Polish sports game.


ABC of Polish design
Published by Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Author: Ewa Solarz
Design: Anna Niemierko