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Brygada 1918
Brygada 1918は、ウッチ市のブックアート・ミュージアムのマトリックスに触発されたデジタル復元プロジェクトで、文字の拡張、多様なグリフ、改良されたデザインを含む6つのバリエーションでタイポグラフィの遺産を称えるフォント群を、オープンライセンスで提供している。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

Brygada 1918 is a digital revitalization project of the Brygada typeface. The inspiration for the activities were matrices found by Janusz Paweł Tryzno in the Book Art Museum in Łódź. The extensive Brygady 1918 family, including 6 varieties, is available for download under an open license. According to historical research, the typeface was most likely created during the interwar period at the Idźkowski i S-ka Font Foundry in Warsaw. The main idea of the project was to honor typographic heritage in a living way. Originally, regular, italic and bold variant matrices were available. In order to enable practical use of the font in more projects, semibold, semibold italic and bold italic variants have been added. In addition to redrawing the design, the characters have been improved and the set of available glyphs has been significantly expanded. The Brygada 1918 typeface in each of the 6 variants has an extended set of Latin characters, an extended set of Cyrillic characters, a basic set of Greek characters, a set of phonetic alphabet characters, 4 variants of numbers (oldstyle, lining, tabular oldstyle and tabular lining), small caps, currency symbols, mathematical characters , and a wide set of ornaments.


Brygada 1918

Published by Mateusz Machalski

Author: Mateusz Machalski, Borys Kosmynka, Przemysław Hoffer, Ania Wieluńska

Design: Borys Kosmynka, Mateusz Machalski, Ania Wieluńska