Polish Graphic Design
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FOTOGRAFIKA: ポーランドで1927年に始まった芸術写真の変遷をたどり、その用語の定義の確立から、Jan BulhakやEdward Hartwigのようなアーティストが打ち立てた画期的な方向性までが網羅されている。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

What exactly is this phenomenon? The term, which was introduced into the Polish language by Jan Bułhak in 1927, was intended to distinguish artistic photography from professional photography and, by using the word "graphics", to include it in the world of fine arts. Bułhak and his contemporary artists associated with the Polish Photo Club wanted to create images using cameras, and their technical mastery helped them achieve various effects. The concept of "photography" includes both soft frames of native landscapes, experimental photomontages, as well as posters and album covers combining photographic and graphic elements. In turn, in the late 1950s, a new quality was added to this concept by Edward Hartwig, who set the direction for photographic experiments in Poland for the following years, or even decades.


Fotografika. Artistic photography in Poland 1927–1978

Published by MuFo, Fundacja im. Edwarda Hartwiga, Szkola Filmowa w Lodzi

Editors: Marika Kuzmicz, Weronika Kobylinska

Design: Krzysztof Bielecki