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Półtawski Nowy
Poltawski Nowyは、1928年のAntykwa Poltawski書体をデジタル化するプロジェクトで、歴史的研究を取り入れ、10から18ポイントサイズ用に特別にデザインされた6種類のタイポグラフィ群を、オープンライセンスでダウンロード提供している。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

Półtawski Nowy is a project of digitizing the Antykwa Półtawski typeface. The key aspect of the design of the digital version of the typeface from 1928 was the approach to the issue of developing the shape of characters based on sources. In parallel with the preparation of the computer version, historical research was carried out, which allowed us to learn about the unique fate of this most recognizable Polish font design. The Półtawski Nowy typographic family is intended for typesetting in sizes from 10 to 18 pt. It includes 6 varieties (3 antique and 3 italic) and is available for download under an open license.


Półtawski Nowy

Published by Mateusz Machalski

Authors: Mateusz Machalski, Ania Wieluńska, Borys Kosmynka

Design: Mateusz Machalski