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The Internets
Szymon Roginskiの一連の写真は、ポーランドの都市におけるインターネットとコンピュータの混沌とした出現をとらえたもので、広告や看板の醜さの中に垣間見える趣ある美しさを紹介し、私たちの生活におけるテクノロジーの役割や、認識可能な日常空間における私たちのオンライン上の存在意義についての思索を誘う。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

Szymon Rogiński's series of photos illustrates the emergence of the Internet and computers in the chaotic landscape of Polish cities. The ugliness of advertisements, signs and neon signs on makeshift buildings built during the transformation period is intriguing, almost beautiful. Silence, familiarity and peace emanate from the night shots - the dormant "internets" make us think about the role of technology in our lives, but also our presence on the Internet. Rogiński's photographs, despite their hidden depth and unexpected afterimages, are not mystical, they do not depict places of worship filled with timeless presence, or even self-satisfaction. Digital technology has inhabited recognized and modest spaces: apartment blocks, housing estates; regions just like ourselves – ordinary everyday Poles.


The Internets

Published by The National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Author: Szymon Roginski

Design: Post Noviki – Studio Noviki