Polish Graphic Design
Korea Japan 2023
Young Polish illustration
「Young Polish Illustration’」(キュレーター: Patryk Mogilnicki)は、25名のアーティストによる約600点近くのイラストレーションが掲載されており、様々なテクニックや表現手法を通じ、表現と社会の変化におけるイラストレーションの役割に焦点が当てられている。
Photo by Bartosz Górka

Twenty-five intriguing names of Polish illustration, selected by Patryk Mogilnicki. Conversations with creators and, above all, their works: almost six hundred illustrations representing a variety of techniques and aesthetics - from studied minimalism to fairy-tale baroque. Illustration as a form of expression, but also as a weapon in the fight for social and political change.


Young Polish illustration

Published by Karakter

Author and Design: Patryk Mogilnicki